About The Winemakers

The winemakers for GRZ Vineyards are also the winery owners. The idea to open a winery came out of nowhere one cold December afternoon in 2007. Since that fateful day in 2007 the winery has experienced slow but steady growth at the hands of this hardworking management team. Each of them works full time at his "other job" but their passion is great wine in small batches.


Dan Guappone ( The "G" in GRZ) has been making wine with his father and grandfather for many years. He is a talented wine maker and all around great guy. He is a respected maintenance supervisor at his "other job".


Don Robinson ( The "R" in GRZ) has been making wine for 14 years. His dedication to the winery goes way beyond his prolific wine making skill. He is a highly regarded Physical Therapist at his "other job".


Pete Zagray ( The "Z" in GRZ) is the late comer to the wine making game with only 9 years of experience. However, he did win an international gold medal for one of his wines as an "amateur". He is a IT manager at his "other job".